Shawn Ardaiz | Strategy

I love helping people deliver value to all stakeholders, not just investors!

My Skills

Strategy Research

About me

I'm currently a Strategist at Scansion. I help businesses and organizations translate the experiences people want and into business value.

In today's world, it is extremely difficult to capture people's attention. But there is one sure fire way to get people talking about your organization. It is by delivering meaningful value time and time again.

This leads to long term relationships.

- What is meaningful value?
- How do you unlock it?
- How do you take experiences and translate those insight into business opportunities?
- How can we get stakeholders to care about our products and services?
- We build an app and nobody wants to use it?
- Where should we focus my attention and efforts?
- Where should we position in the market and provide unique value?

These questions and many more can be explored in our session.

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